Asociación Cultural Integra was born in 2004 in A Coruña as an initiative from young people with experience in the field of social inclusion and European cooperation, aiming to:
🔵 Supporting young people to improve their knowledge on the European Labour System;
🔵 Promoting multilingualism and intercultural dialogue;
🔵 Supporting young people to enjoy a cultural and educational experience overseas;
🔵 Supporting young people in their learning language process;
🔵Organising cultural activities.

what we do

Every year Integra receives participants from all Europe providing them with the chance of enjoying a personal and work experience…
Integra participates in the European Solidarity Corps, a program focused mainly on activities that promote social inclusion and cooperation…
Our aim is to promote and put into practice activities aimed to promote decent living conditions and a…


A Coruña is our historic headquarters, an office in the heart of the city where the main focus of our activity is still today. At the beginning of 2021 we decided to take the plunge and open new branches in other cities of the Spain and Portugal, this is the reason why you can also find us in Santiago de Compostela and Oporto, two beautiful cities full of history and new opportunities.

Integra Coruña  |  CIF G- 15.943.665  |  Paseo Marítimo 4, bajo izquierda - 15002 A Coruña - España